The main directions of efforts and researches in the Department of Physical and Chemical Mechanics:

  1. The development of computational theoretical models in the fields of:
    • computational physical mechanics;
    • arothermodynamics of sub-, super- and hypersonic velocities;
    • magnetic and radiative gas dynamics;
    • physical and chemical kinetics;
    • transfer of selective thermal radiation;
    • physical mechanics of gas discharges;
    • plasma dynamics and active space experiments;
    • theory of elementary kinetic and radiative processes in gases and plasmas;
    • molecular dynamics;
    • Monte Carlo simulation .
  2. The development of computer codes for personal computers, computational clusters and supercomputers;
  3. The creation, testing and investigation of the new computer modeling algorithms;
  4. The creation of the virtual objects of avia and aerospace engineering;
  5. The creation of electronic databases and computer codes for modeling of radiative processes in heated gases and in low temperature plasma.