At the department, "Physical and Chemical Mechanics" are the practice of science students FMBF MIPT 4-6 courses and graduate students. Students in the distribution at the end of 3rd year can choose the laboratory in which they want to fulfill their bachelor degree. Usually, the distribution of students occurs in two laboratories: Laboratory of radiation gas dynamics (IPMech RAS) , Laboratory Thermogasdynamics and Combustion (IPMech RAS), Laboratory of physical and chemical hydrodinamics (VNIIA).

Roman Konstantinovich
PHD student
Селезнев Р.К.
  • Numerical solution of chemical kinetic equations;
  • Accounting for the physical and chemical kinetics in the problems numerical simulation of combustion-detonation transition;
  • Astrophysical studies, supernovae explosions.
Dmitriy Alexeevich
PHD student
Сторожев Д.А.
  • Accounting for the chemical kinetics for the problems of numerical simulation of electrodynamical structure of glowing discharge;
  • Investigation of interaction of discharge with external magnetic field;
  • Investigation of interaction of discharge with super- and hypersonic gas flows.
Maxim Vladimirovich
PHD student
Ермишкин М.В.
  • Solution of MHD problems;
  • Application of numerical techniques (AUSM schemes, donor cells);
  • Numerical simulation of supernova explosions.
Vladislav Olegovich
graduate student
  • Study of geometric multigrid method for solving Poisson's equation.
Pavel Vladimirovich
graduate student
  • Calculation of the magnetic field inside a Penning discharge chambers.
Nikolay Anatol'evich
graduate student
  • Analytical models for determining the gas dynamic parameters if different areas of the flow in the shock wind tunnels.
Ivan Alexandrovich
graduate student
  • Experimental study of characteristics of glow discharge on installation of the IPMech RAS.
BAGDASARYAN Mikhail Anatol'evich
graduate student
  • Software development for calculation of flow parameters in the shock wind tunnels.
Andrey Yur'evich
graduate student
  • System development for enviroment reconstruction in 3D.
Ol'ga Nikolaevna
undergraduate student
  • Modeling of nonequilibrium processes behind the shock front.
Alexandr Dmitrievich
undergraduate student
  • Software development for calculating the parameters of jet aircraft engines