Development of universal computer system for prediction of radiative properties of emitting objects of rocket and space technology


Automatic System for Transport Electromagnetic Radiation and Objects Identification

A universal computer system (UCS) which was designed in order to provide the problems of radiative gas dynamic with a spectral, group and integral radiative properties. This software package is also:

  • a computer system which provides a user with the opportunity to obtain a reference solutions of the theory of radiative transfer in a relation to problems of aerospace technology;
  • a library of computer programs which were designed in order to create a spectral optical models in the programs of users;
  • a library of computer programs which were designed in order to create a group and an integral optical models in the programs of users.

Main results

  • The UCS ASTEROID designed for calculation of spectral optical properties of heated gases and low temperature plasmas has been developed. These properties are needed for solving the aerospace technology problems. The system is based on the ab-initio methods of classical, quasiclassical and quantum mechanics;
  • The electronic database of the radiative properties of diatomic molecules has been created. This database can be used for solving the problems of gas and plasma dynamics;
  • Two versions of atlas for radiative properties of molecules are created (60 electronic bands);
  • The electronic database on the internuclear interaction potential of diatomic molecules based on the modern hybrid computer technologies has been created;
  • The UCS ASTEROID was used in order to create the electronic database on the spectral optical properties of the planet atmospheres. These databases can be used for design of interplanetary spacecrafts. European space agency uses the ASTEROID system and databases in order to analyze the processes of radiative gas dynamics.
  • The main results of the research are described in the book (in russian): Surzhikov S.T. Optical properties of gases and plasma. Moscow: BMSTU publishing, 2004, 576 p (Computer models of physical mechanics).

An examples of results which were obtained with the UCS ASTEROID

  1. 1
  2. Spectral and group model of absorbtion coefficient in the gas mixture of 97% CO2 - 3% N2
    (atmosphere of Mars): T=7333 K, p=1 atm. Line-by-line calculation: 3*106 spectral points
  1. 2
  2. Spectral models of the absorbtion coefficient in air
  1. 3
  2. Group models of the absorbtion coefficient in air