The investigation of combustion processes of solid fuel

Main results

  • 1- and 2-dimensional models for calcualtion of the combustion rates of composite propellants based on ammonium perchlorate (AP) and polybutadiene rubber (HTPB) were developed together with experts of the Centre for the development of advanced missile systems, the University of Illinois USA (CSAR, Illinois State University at Urbana-Champaign, IL);
  • Developed model allows to calcualte the dependence of the rate of combusiton of the solid rocket propellant on the pressure within the combustion chamber and on the gravity acceleration induced by rotation of the projectile;
  • The model for the calculation of the combusiton rates of the composite propellants under the influence of thermal radiation within the combustion chamber was created.

Simulation of the vortex structures in microflames over the surface of the burning solid fuel

Scheme of the problem


The combustion of solid fuels (heterogeneous solid fuel in layers based on the AP/HTPB) at different inertial forces

2(a) 3(b)

Results of numerical simulation: a) a = g; b) a = 100g

Predicting of the combustion rate of solid fuel

4(a) 5(b)

Results of numerical simulation: a) p = 40 atm, 50% AP + 50% HTPB; b) p = 40 atm, 75% AP + 25% HTPB